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Nehemiah: The Musical

Nehemiah tells the tale of a man with a dream to rebuild the crumbled walls of his homeland. Equipped with nothing but faith and a vision, he embarks on this seemingly unachievable journey, facing opposition from all sides, to restore the lost identity of a nation.



Arthur Pendragon

The Danube Blues

Nehemiah The Musical

The Agony and the Style


Naomi’s latest work Nehemiah The Musical made its debut performance in the Atmospheres Festival 2019 at RWCMD. West End actors made the trip to Wales with up-and-coming Director Anne Christelle Zanzen to workshop her musical, and are taking it to be showcased at BEAM 2020.

As a Composition graduate of Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Naomi was scouted by external directors to compose for in house plays, including; Candide, The Agony and the Style & The Sicilian courtesan

Naomi Lane won the Hampshire Music Award 2010 and composed her first full-length musical Arthur Pendragon before the age of sixteen. She was also tasked with setting lyrics written by Guardian writer David Boyle, to music; The Danube Blues.

Musicals By Naomi

The legend of King Arthur and the famous knights of the round table has been passed down for generations. Every tale about the boy and the sword captivates and leaves us questioning our own destiny…but have you heard the story of Mordred? 

Arthur Pendragon is a musical written by Naomi when she was just 15, performed by HSDC in 2017, has been reworked and given fresh spark this year. 


Musical style is expressing yourself through music. It’s something that fundamentally comes from within, and it manifests itself in the way you say a word, through the accent you have, or the notes that you choose to put on paper. Music is more than just notes on a page- that’s just what you see. Composing isn’t about telling a story, it is storytelling; getting the listener to feel what they need to feel.

Naomi Lane

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